RAN-REA General Trading LLC

is a Food Trading company harboured in Dubai – UAE and Gala – Oman.

RAN-REA General Trading LLC was incorporated in 2011 with a vision to Import & Export of food and non-food commodities through Wholesale and Retail to serve the Hyper Markets, Super markets, Hotel and Major Caterers in the United Arab Emirates and Sultanate of Oman.

RAN-REA General Trading LLC is specialized in the Food Trade industry and has been involved in several other activities such as Food Service, Distribution, Retail, Export, Ship Chandlers and Wholesale remains its core Business. The Company is ruled by the FMGC and Hospitality professionals with an understanding to serve the community better.
RAN-REA General Trading LLC is climbing the ladder of the success in the Food Trade through Imports & Exports in United Arab Emirates , Sultanate of Oman, and all over the world. Speacially in all over African Region. Our growth and reputation over the past few years is based on the principal of meeting our clients needs to their complete satisfaction.

Our Customers and Distributers

GCC: Jordan, KSA, Baharain, Kuwait, Oman.
CIS: Turkmenistan, Russia, Turkey.
Africa: Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania,
Mozambique, Congo, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Togo, Angola, Gana, Senagal, Benine, Burkina
Faso, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Liberia, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria.
Islands: Maldives, Mauritious, Madagascar, Seychelles.
Asian: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal, Afghanistan.

We specialize in supply, storage, distribution & marketing of a wide range of products such as Spanish Olive Oil & Italian Pasta, Canned Vegetables & Fruits, Preserves, Sauces & Pastes, Canned Meat.

Our Strength lies in consolidation, consistency and timely deliveries with competitive rates.
Our own brand “VIRGINIA GREEN GARDEN” is one of the fastest growing brand across the Middle East and also our premium brand “RIONA” in easy open category.
Our procurement is from all over the world with regular shipments from Far East, Europe, USA and other subcontinent countries.
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